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Securing participation in a Supply Framework for one of the UKs largest domestic and care home providers, RDUK is now successfully placing candidates from  manager/supervisor to care assistant roles.  


Recognised by HM  Government, the RCN and the NMC,  we here in the UK are bereft of quality "home-grown" nurses. The consequence of this is that both the NHS and the private Healthcare sector are becoming increasingly dependent on nurses from  out with the United Kingdom.

This is no surprising  revelation, and indeed  the Government predicts  a worsening of the current position and a severe crisis by 2020.  Recruitment Direct Healthcare is responding  to this alarming situation and facilitating  EU nurses who will have been vetted by ourselves and will have :-

  • demonstrated willingness to work in the UK, and display enthusiasm at the prospect
  • passed the IELTS - conforming to the new standards as from January 2016
  • applied  for the NMC, awaiting registration for the mandatory PIN
  • availablility for interview by the Client by Skype/similar
  • on official offer,  travel paid from their country of residence

Want to know more? Contact our Healthcare Division for further details - whether you are a prospective employer or a Candidate.


A new five-day training course for nurses working in the private health care sector, nursing homes, helped save approximately £72,000 per patient from reduced hospital admissions.

This pilot course, carried over typically six weeks, focuses on pain management, venipuncture, wound care, fluid replacement, and end of life care. In some countries, Romania for example, Stomas and PEG feeding are left to the more specialist nurses.

Currently delivered, and available in Surrey, yet now recognised as highly beneficial by Health Education England, it is now hoped to become more available elsewhere in the near future.

Regarded as CPD for UK trained nurses, and essential for some overseas nurses where elderly care is not part of their formal training, it has been noted in this trial that nursing job satisfaction is greatly enhanced, and has had a noted reduction in staff attrition.

This could potentially be a win win situation for both the elderly private health care sector as well as the NHS.


With the ever increasing demand for qualified nursing personnel, the recent festive period did not interrupt the business of 'offered vacancies', nor the submission of CV's from Candidates seeking a new position for the year ahead.

In addition to the above, we are regualrly asked to provide non-nursing and clinical staff, recent examples being Administrators and IT personnel who have a healthcare sector background.

To this end, we have expanded our Healthcare department, and now capable of addressing any Client enquiry in this sector ie across all disciplines.. The more obscure, the more challenging...the better!

December 2015

Recruitment Direct wishes both our country-wide Clients, and our Candidates, all the very best for the Forthcoming Season. We wish you, and your families, a relaxing break over Christmas and the New Year.

As we await the dawn of 2016, this is an ideal opportunity to announce that Recruitment Direct Healthcare is now able to provide Bank Nurses and permanent SHCA’s.

We do not provide Agency Nurses, and we, along with the entire Healthcare industry, acknowledge that financing Agency staff is cost-prohibitive, suffocating many budgets, thereby reducing investment which would be for the long-term benefit of both service-user, and the respective provider.

In 2016 and beyond the identification and placement of permanent members of Nursing, Clinical Staff, as well as suitably qualified SHCA’s will remain a key target.. We will also provide the new Level 4 band “Nursing Associates” when they become available on the open job market.

Again, we all wish you a Merry Christmas, and a Happy New Year.


Today, Theresa May, the Home Secretary, has announced plans to relax controls on immigration controls, albeit temporary, on Nurses who come into the UK from outside the EU. This announcement was made after numerous NHS providers had lobbied the Government to relax the rules.

This means that non-EU nurses no longer have the risk of having their Tier 2 visa applications rejected. Furthermore, the recent announcement that non-EU-earning less than £35,000 who have been working in the UK for 6 years, will not have to leave the country after April next year.

Recruitment Direct Healthcare Division reported at the end of September, that we confirmed a partnership in South East Asia as we had fully researched the implications, or what is involved, for both the Nurse, and their new employee here in the UK.

We can provide an advisory service for both the overseas Nurse, and equally the UK-based Client, and guide both parties though the quagmire of Home Office (Tier 2 Visa) along with the NMC requirements, and that of the native country of the incoming Nurse.

This is all good news; for the service-user, the NHS to reduce their overspend on “Agency” nursing, but could well be a viable solution for the private healthcare industry?

Jeremy Hunt applauds this decision, as does the NHS, let’s all hope that it also offers some relief to the vital “Private” healthcare providers whom are essential to today’s ever growing older society.


Florence_Nightingale RD LINK.jpgNever has there been a time more critical than now for both the NHS and the Private Health Care industry to reduce their spend on “Agency” nursing. It may seem obvious to some, yet being dependent on Agency staff/temporary staffing solutions, and the associated costs, reduces the potential investment that enable the desired higher standards of service-user care.

Furthermore, by employing temporary staff, this increases the burden and time taken by the existing permanent staff to familiarise the “temp”.

With the recent RCN report on the state of the nursing profession, all does not bode well as regards to their general feeling of job satisfaction. With this general dissatisfaction, wouldn’t it be in an ideal world,  that the healthcare providers build a strong, and loyal work force based on permanent staff – in essence, team building.

Recruitment is time-consuming, a drain on resources, and can be costly unless you select an Agency that offers a sound ROI. We, at Recruitment Direct, focus on Candidate nurses who are not into “job hopping”, but those looking for a stable foundation to their working life.

This, and the very fact that we offer a UK wide service, we have strategically priced ourselves to be ultra-competitive in the respect of fees, and considerably less than the typical 15% to the inevitably eye-watering 20%.

How do we do it? Simply, we use a simple “human” method of identifying, and the subsequent selection of suitable Candidates that match the Client’s specific criteria. We then interview the nurses to ensure suitability, and only then do we submit the Candidate’s CV to the Client. In essence, we do not bombard the Client with CV’s that may, or may not be what they are seeking.

Likewise, this works for the Candidates too. We only speak with qualified nurses who are absolutely genuine about seeking a new position in the Nursing Homes, Care Homes, and the specialist private care centres we have as Clients. The nurses are guided through the process right up to the time of their interview.

We welcome enquiries from both Clients and Nurses/Clinical Staff alike –  as we, and the UK, need more Florence Nightingale’s!


September has been a productive month for our Healthcare department where not only have we secured new clients, but have also successfully introduced suitably qualified Candidates to our established client base. This not only satisfies Client staffing requirements, and of equal importance, found new/better positions for our Candidates!

Furthermore, our Healthcare department has also formed a mutually beneficial partnership in South East Asia, whereby we can now source qualified nursing personnel who wish to move to the UK to advance their careers. This new offering from Recruitment Direct also offers an alternative avenue to the Client where it is virtually impossible to recruit UK trained staff due to the location, or any other mitigating circumstance.

This option does involve, of course, an initial minor investment in their new staff member, whereby they would have to sponsor their new nurse for what is a Tier 2 visa through the Home Office, and associated costs which are less than 25% of the original UK offered annual salary which are recouped within the first year of employment, yet, and in return, they have a new nursing staff member who will not only practise their profession to the very highest standard, but  will also be a loyal member of staff.

For our Clients who wish to take this route they will have the satisfaction that Recruitment Direct will project-manage the entire process up to the confirmation of an official offer of employment where we will thoroughly vet the Candidate prior to submission of their CV to the Client, and will advise/coordinate the process with our partner on our Client’s behalf.

This is a cost-effective “win-win” solution to  resolve staffing requirements where the Client is currently dependent on exorbitant Agency staff to temporarily fulfil shift rotas.


This last couple of months has been a particularly busy time for our Healthcare Division where we have taken on many new Clients, as well as Candidates, and we can truly say now that we have total UK coverage – from the far North East to the South West.

Working closely with both HR Departments, and individual Managers throughout the UK, Recruitment Directs’ Healthcare team continue to provide the solution in these turbulent times when nurse and clinical staffing are very much in the media spotlight.

Our QMS (Quality Management System) has been further enhanced with the total integration of all our software resources – providing both the Client, and the Candidate, an extremely efficient, seamless service.

Personal attention continues; where we regard the candidate with equal importance with the Client, and this attention to detail ensures that we fulfil the Clients specific staffing criteria, and at the same time, confirm a Candidates new position.

Watch this space!


There seems to be a certain stigma nowadays concerning Care/Nursing homes-, their owners, managers, and staff. This is regrettable as so much of this doubt, and suspicion, is based on a very few incidents which has hit the media and the public domain.

This is all despite greater concerted efforts made by the combination of the CQC, and of course the respective managers of each and every home throughout the country.

We have now totally updated our own QMS, which is ultimately to the benefit of both client and candidate. Already we are seeing an increase in introductions and subsequent successful appointments of the right personnel to the right clients.

As opposed to the use of Parsing software,[basically a computer programme that “reads” each and very CV submitted based on pertinent keywords, and then “informs” the operator of a suitable candidate for any given position] – we apply cerebral analysis.

Recruitment Direct, regardless of any industry sector we deal with or any position (be it an HCA, Administrator, right up to Clinical staff), we read, and study each CV personally. This is the only way we can determine what the candidate is actually seeking for the next stage of their career.

We enter into close dialogue, only then to confirm their mutual suitability, prior to the interview stage.

With our Clients, we just do not seek p/t, f/t, days or nights, how many hours per week, and at what hourly rate – we need to know what exactly the client wants in a new staff member, and what is on offer to their prospective new employee.

The only software we use is our unique QMS that allows total information to be collected for both client and candidate, and provides us to provide a seamless delivery to both parties. We are people people!

To this end, and supplementary to the aforementioned CQC, and all of the dedicated home manager/owner clients that depend on Recruitment Direct for this seamless delivery, we too consider ourselves contributing to the “wellbeing” of the healthcare service.


Given the latest well publicised controversies surrounding NHS cut backs, alleged over spends and general mis management throughout the UK Regions,unsurprisingly NHS staff are becoming unsettled and no more so than those within the nursing profession.

Agency nursing rates are under threat of being cut, and this is detrimental to many of those on temporary contracts.

As a consequence of this, RD Healthcare Division focusses on the Private sector by introducing experienced candidates to our Private Healthcare Clients, be they Nursing staff, Administrators or Clinical personnel.

Driven by our bespoke Quality Management System, candidates are vetted and matched to individual Clients' exacting needs.

RD foresees an increase in demand within the Private sector, most especially in Nursing Homes and Residential Care Homes.

Just as the UK's ageing population increases and thus the HR requirement heightens, so the position is further exacerbated by stricter immigration legislation.

A changing landscape within the NHS will create new opportunities for medical personnel and indeed for our Clients.

Recruitment Direct is here to enable new Healthcare job hunters, fulfil Client needs and achieve this via our personal 'one to one' approach.

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